Embroidery as territory

Embroidery is about telling stories…
It’s about creating a language and writing it on a surface, on a solid support. It’s also about creating a territory, one made up of shapes, lines and colors, and one rich in meaning that is carried by a language of signs, marks and symbols. Each culture invents these signs and codes, and individuals can also develop a visual language of their own that conveys their unique individuality and becomes a kind of translation of that identity into another medium. This act of artistry also allows the creator to build and mark out a territory.

Embroidery as Territory offers you the option of one or two full days of hands-on immersion in the universe of traditional Indian embroidery techniques for you to make your own. Come home with one or more finished projects depending on the option you choose and the pace at which you wish to work. The instructor will provide individual help to participants and demonstrate techniques.

No prior stitchery experience required. 
Tools and materials kits will be supplied.

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